GAP Bulletin Number 5
June 1996

Award for NatureMapping

Congratulations to Karen Dvornich, who recently received a certificate of environmental achievement from Renew America for her development of NatureMapping. This is the fourth national environmental award the program has received since its initiation in September 1993. NatureMapping is an educational outreach program that involves the general public and school children in field-testing maps and generating new information for Gap Analysis. A collaborative effort between the Washington Gap Analysis Project and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, the program has grown to involve an estimated 50,000 people, including 500 teachers. The goal of NatureMapping is to facilitate exchange of information between natural resource agencies, academia, land use planners, local communities, and schools through public education and participation in data acquisition. The Oregon Biodiversity Project and Virginia Fish and Game are now getting started on NatureMapping, nine other states have expressed interest in beginning the program. For more information on NatureMapping, contact Karen Dvornich at (206) 685-4195 or The contact person for Oregon's NatureMapping program is Wendy Hudson, (503) 697-3222 or

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