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Regional Gap Analysis Projects

The Gap Analysis Program is beginning to coordinate mapping for all regions of the the United States.

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Regional GAP Projects

Southwest Regional

The Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project is well underway.  

Visit the SWReGAP website to get the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project 'PROVISIONAL' Landcover and Related Datasets

These data and related datasets are made available to the public with ‘provisional’ status by the SWReGAP consortium of institutions responsible for their development. Following a peer review process meeting USGS GAP requirements, these data will be provided with ‘final’ status.

Southwest Regional Gap MapServer - Serving an  integrated landcover map of the Southwestern United States.

Southeast Regional

Contact: Alexa McKerrow

The Southeast Gap Analysis Project is working hard to develop the baseline data sets and tools for use by the conservation community within the region. Currently we have two focus areas: (1) production of regionally consistent and current data sets and (2) use of existing state GAP project data to create regional products for use by partner agencies. The Southeast Gap Analysis Project started actively mapping and modeling in July 2003. The regional effort involves thirteen states (Figure 1) throughout the southeastern U.S. The goal is building on the state GAP experiences to develop consistent land cover and vertebrate models. The regional work is being coordinated through the Biodiversity and Spatial Information Center (BaSIC) at North Carolina State University with partner researchers at the Natural Resource and Spatial Analysis Laboratory (NaRSAL) at the University of Georgia and the Alabama GAP Project at the University of Auburn.

Figure 1. Mapping zones and states Southeast GAP is working in.

Land cover: Products being developed include land cover maps and impervious surface and canopy closure estimations. The land cover maps will be created at two levels of thematic detail: one compatible with the National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD 2001) and the second a detailed vegetation map based on the Ecological Systems described by NatureServe (2003). We are actively working with EROS Data Center (EDC) methodologies to create the general land cover products based on the NLCD 2001 protocols. Currently we are working on the general land cover in four, and on impervious surface and canopy estimations in seven of the ten Southeast mapping zones.

Animal modeling: A total of 608 terrestrial vertebrate species are being modeled in the Southeast. A unified set of habitat relationships for the region will be created with relationships to both the detailed and general land cover map units being developed. As the land cover data for each of the mapping zones becomes available, the habitat models for that zone will be created.

Merged grid of land cover for the southeastern United States

Southeast Regional GAP website 

Northwest Regional

The Northwest Regional Gap Project encompasses Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. 

Visit the NWReGAP website.


Mid-Atlantic Regional

The Mid-Atlantic Regional Gap Analysis Project is in progress. 

Contact: Alexa McKerrow 

Download mid-atlantic stewardship and landcover data.

Other Regional Data

The following data sets are the result of edgemapping pre-existing state maps. They were not created as part of a regional project.

Regional Data Set for the Great Plains

The USDA Forest Service Region 2 is interested in a regional data set for a part of the Great Plains to evaluate plant communities and animal species favoring the habitats found here.

The Gap Analysis Program collaborated with Forest Service Biologists and NatureServe staff to create some merged data sets for both vegetation and selected animal species.

The first step was to merge the land cover data from each of 5 states (Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.) in a GIS to create one dataset.

Click on the thumbnail graphic below to see the outcome of that merging with very little aggregation of classes.



You can download the dataset for the great plains at

Users of GAP data have found products, such as this one, to be especially useful for large area analysis and land use planning. We currently serve this file, and others similar to this, on our ftp site at:

Click the following link to view the land cover categories used by each state.

Northwest Landcover

Regionalized land cover (30-meter resolution) for just Idaho, Oregon and Washington

Regional Products Download

You can download all available regionalized management, stewardship, and land cover maps from our  ftp site.


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