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GAP Analysis for Natural Resource Professionals

Course Introduction

Welcome to “An Introduction to Gap Analysis”! An on-line training course developed by Andrew Rosenberger of the Conservation Management Institute at Virginia Tech University. 

In this course, we will attempt to familiarize you with all aspects of gap analysis and the USGS National Gap Analysis Program 

The goals of the course are:

  1. to familiarize students with gap analysis
  2. to familiarize students with the gap analysis program
  3. to. to assist students in matching gap data to their needs
Upon completion of this course, we hope you will be able to answer questions like:
  1. What is gap analysis?
  2. What is a gap analysis project?
  3. What does the USGS National Gap Analysis Program do?
  4. How can I obtain/use National Gap Program?

Manual (PDF)

Chapter 1: Course Introduction
Chapter 2: Data Generated By Gap Analysis
Chapter 3: How to Obtain GAP Data
Chapter 4: Other GAP Programs and Applications

To view pdf documents, you need the Adobe Acrobat® Reader installed on your computer. A free copy of the Acrobat® Reader may be downloaded from Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Powerpoint Course

This is a powerpoint presentation of the training course, with voice-over.  

Chapter 1: An Introduction to Gap Analysis
Chapter 2: GAP Datasets and Analysis 
Chapter 3: Obtaining and Using GAP Datasets
Chapter 4: Other GAP Programs and Applications

To view this presentation you need a Flash multimedia player installed on your computer. A free copy of the Flash player  may be downloaded from Macromedia.


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