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Michigan, Minnesota, & Wisconsin
(Upper Midwest Gap Analysis Project)

Classification of the northern half of Michigan’s Lower Peninsula is expected to be completed by July 1998. National Wetland Inventory (NWI) data, used in the image processing protocol, is currently being digitized in the southern half of the Lower Peninsula. Digitization of NWI in the eastern half of the Upper Peninsula began in October 1997. The conversion of public ownership data from a large mainframe database to a GIS is under way. TNC lands have been mapped for the stewardship data layer. We are still waiting for digital coverages of USFS and USFWS lands and national parks. Vertebrate data is being evaluated. Breeding Bird Survey data at 1/4 township scale and the recently revised "Michigan Mammals" are being used.

In Minnesota, current land cover mapping is continuing with recent acceleration of the pace due to increased state DNR contribution - two new image processing analysts were recently hired. Stewardship mapping should be completed this calendar year. Vertebrate modeling for MI, MN, and WI was initiated by the Environmental Management Technical Center (EMTC).

Land cover mapping for Wisconsin is almost completed, including accuracy assessment. ARC/INFO coverages are being transferred to EMTC for distribution over the Internet. Stewardship is completed at a nominal 1:100,000 scale, though there is state interest in greater resolution.

Project Information for Michigan

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