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State Reports - Arkansas

All image processing, classification, labeling, and accuracy assessment is completed. The remaining tasks deal with the production of the final report, due for completion by January 1998.

1. Line smoothing: The state has been tiled into 35 1:100,000 scale (30' x 60') USGS quadrangles. Each tile has been line-smoothed to convert the pixel polygon boundary to a more generalized polygon boundary that reduces file size and maintains a better scale relationship to the 100 ha aggregated land cover data set. These data were smoothed using Intergraph’s Map Finisher software according to an equally weighted moving averages smoothing algorithm. All tiles have been transferred to ARC/INFO where they all individually build proper topology. Thirty-two of the thirty-five tiles have been MAPJOINed together. Only three tiles remained to be joined to the final 100-ha land cover ARC coverage.

2. CD-ROM map production: Three map series are being produced for inclusion on the CD-ROM. Production is completed for both the county and 30' x 60' map series, while the 7.5' map series lacks some 300 maps out of a total of 3,000. For each map series, three background layers are generated: the 100-ha land cover map, the CIR satellite image, and the tasseled cap satellite image.

3. Arkansas Forest Commission field photo scanning: There are just over 400 ground-based photos being scanned for inclusion on the CD-ROM. Testing of various compression and scan rates to determine the most appropriate balance between file size and photo resolution has been completed. The photos will be scanned and linked (hypertext) to their appropriate field site on the tasseled cap field map.

4. Final report: The report text is in the final draft stage, and work is progressing on converting the report to its final Acrobat PDF format.

5. Land ownership and land management status mapping: Land ownership and land management data sets have been completed (Nov. 1995) and moved into ARC/INFO. Metadata has been collected but is not yet in final document format. The final report with statistics for management categories 1 and 2 has been completed.

6. Vertebrate mapping: Vertebrate ranges, habitat mapping, vertebrate models, and accuracy assessment are complete. Analysis of vertebrates with respect to stewardship layer and biodiversity analysis (hexagon mapping of underprotected species) have also been completed. The vertebrate report and biodiversity analysis report have been written.

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