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GAP Analysis Bulletin No. 5



J. Michael Scott


Some Scales for Describing Biodiversity

Michael Jennings

GAP Implementation: GAP Implementation Scorecard

Sara Vickerman

The Indiana Gap Analysis Metaproject Approach

Forest Clark

Expanding Roles for Gap Analysis Data in Arkansas

Rob Dzur

MRLC Update and New Rules for TM Access: The Landsat Program Management Agreement

The Ecological Society of America's Vegetation Classification Panel

Michael Jennings

Landscape Information Infrastructure in Pennsylvania

Wayne Myers, Robert Brooks, Gerald Storm, and Joseph Bishop

Use of Gap Analysis Data to Establish Goals and Priorities for Individual Land Management Units - National Wildlife Refuges in Washington State

Christian Grue, Kelly Cassidy, Michael Smith, Karen Dvornich, Jane Cassady, and Susan Fregien

Modeling Grizzly Bear Habitat Suitability in Idaho

David Mattson

Point Sampling Surveys with GPS-logged Aerial Videography

Dana Slaymaker

Land Management Status Categorization in Gap Analysis: A Potential Enhancement

Patrick Crist, Julie Prior-Magee, and Bruce Thompson

A Preliminary Comparison of MMU Aggregation Procedures for Raster Data

Richard Thompson, Rob Dzur, and W. Fredrick Limp



The Role of Winter Bird Distribution in Conservation Planning

Plant and Animal Species Data Useful to GAP Investigators

Application of Gap Analysis to Aquatic Biodiversity Conservation

Status of Spectrum Software


1995 Annual GAP Meeting

GAP Symposium at ASPRS Annual Meeting


1996 Gap Analysis Annual Meeting

Welcome Patrick Crist and Becky Sorbel

Award for NatureMapping

ASPRS's Award for Best Scientific Paper

Recent GAP Publications

The Gap Analysis Bulletin is published by the National Biological Service’s Gap Analysis Program. The editors are Elisabeth Brackney and Michael D. Jennings. To receive the bulletin, write to: Gap Analysis Bulletin, NBS/Gap Analysis Program, 530 S. Asbury Street, Suite 1, Moscow, ID 83843, fax: (208) 885-3618.





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